Lost Doll Story Contest and Giveaway

De geweldig getalenteerde Juliane heeft op haar blog een give-away. Over verloren en gevonden poppen. Voor een plaats in haar e-class.

En dat wil ik! Zo graag!!

En ik heb een heel goed verloren-en weer gevonden- verhaal te vertellen!

Leest u mee?

She's a white seagull. Her name is 'Ottertje'. Like the fish-eating mammals. But I named her after the poem from Annie M.G. Schmidt about three old otters.

When my twin sister and I were born, we participated in a research on twins. It was done by two medical students. They both gave us a pluche toy.I don't remember what my sister got. But I got Ottertje.

My bed was loaded with dolls and pluche, but Ottertje was the one I slept with. She even slept in my shirt, close to my chest. Even when I was a student Ottertje slept in my bed.

On the 4th of October 1986, I was 6 years old, we all got to bring our stuffed animal to school as it was World Animal Day. Of course I brought Ottertje. That day there was a big bus with people from WWF that taught us about wildlife and animals. I remember you could smell a whale through some kind of box. That smell!!

At the end of the day I went to bed missing Ottertje: I forgot her at school. The next day we searched the whole school, but it turned out that Ottertje went in the WWF-bus. They had more stuffed animals as educational material, Ottertje probably fitted in with the rest.

So. That was it.

But not for my super-hero-eleven-years-older brother: he called WWF in the Netherlands, tracking down where the education-bus would stop next. Imagine a six year old: it took ages, my brother made about a hundred calls and Ottertje travelled the whole country. But I got her back!

So. That was it.

(Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Ottertje to show you: I'm still busy emigrating & my pictures and Ottertje are still in the Netherlands... I made my own impression though. I think it resembles her well :) I also included our birth announcement, made by the super-hero-eleven-years-older brother.)

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Juliane | Fröken Skicklig zei

Hiskia, this story really made me laugh! What if not the bus of the WWF would be the vehicle for Ottertje to escape from every day´s life on a little adventure? And such a great job of your brother then to finally bring her home! He must have had a hard time as the older brother of twin sisters - but I am sure that special day he was your hero ;-)

Thank you so much for sharing this story with all of us. I really enjoyed reading it and loved the illustrations!

Now let´s keep our fingers crossed that Ottertje brings you good luck (after all the fame that she was accorded by this blog post ;-)



Daan zei

Och wat een lieve broer en wat een mooi verhaal. Ik duim voor je Hiskia. Ik deed de Frokencursus in Amsterdam en het was magisch.


en succes met de enorme verhuis!!